Fathers Day Wk ’17

We had a busy Father’s Day weekend.

On Saturday The O’Keefe and the ATL Burkle clan came to our house. We had initially planned a big park picnic, but the rain unfortunately kept us homebound.

Pamma, Emma and Kate got to meet Hank, Eloise & Juliet for the first time. It was super special, as Pamma was my most fun older (2nd) cousin when I was little. I love that our families have stayed close through the years and generations.

Hank, Eloise, Emma, Kate

Juliet & Pamma

Juliet is almost 6 months old. She is so easy and sweet. Everyone loved snuggling her.

this one kills me.

Saturday evening Josie and I gave the Dad’s a “Pre-Fathers Day Night Out”. It was a fun night for all. Sunday morning we went to brunch at Honey’s and then walked over to the park.

Sunday afternoon we continued the Fathers Day celebration with Papa J and Grandma. We watched the US Open outside and indulged in  Papa J’s favorite fish fry dinner.

Our family is blessed with some pretty spectacular Dads. ❤


MDW @ The Cottage

We spent a nice long Memorial Day weekend up at the Cottage.

We arrived late Thursday to open up the cottage for the season.

The Hatton’s joined us Friday afternoon. The last time we were all up there together Hank & Stella were only 8 months old.  It’s crazy how much they have changed in just two years.

Saturday we discovered a beautiful lake, there was a beach for digging, a dock for sitting, and a playground for climbing.
Saturday evening we  made a picnic and went to Hopkins Vineyards for a live music bonfire. It was pretty dreamy.
We saw a bunch of tadpoles & frogs. Our city kids were even brave enough to touch them.
Most of our trip we grilled out, made fires, and relaxed. One evening we even had a bear sighting (!) while we were sitting on the screened in porch.
Sunday we rented a pontoon boat on Twin Lakes. It was 70 degrees and grey, but who can complain when you’re on a lake with friends?


safety first

lady bug discovery!

Hank enjoyed his first ever s’more. The kids roasted them over the fire and the grill.
 Hank then whipped up some dirt burgers when no one was looking… yum.
Monday we explored Great Barrington & Stockbridge. We got lunch at the tavern at  Red Lion Inn.   We even had a mini celebrity sighting and saw Glenn Fleshler from Billions. We played it cool. 😉
It was a lovely little vacation. I need more New England, 5-day weekends and Hatton’s in my life!


Mackenzie Elizabeth joined our family on March 20th!  I finally got up to Long Island to meet her, she’s a beauty like her mom.

Hank was thrilled to see Zach & Matty. We packed lots of fun into our long weekend.

3.5 & 2.5 Yrs old

On Friday while Zach was at kindergarten we took Hank, Matty & Mackenzie to the beach.


Long Island was always such a magical part of my childhood. I love that Hank enjoys being with his cousins as much as I did growing up.


Welcome to our crazy family Mackenzie. You are a perfect addition! ❤


May Days

It’s May in Philly! The parks are lush and flower boxes are full.

Beer gardens are open, street festivals abound and the weather is beautiful.

Philadelphia hosted the NFL Draft this spring, so we had friends stay at our house for the festivities.

Hank was thrilled to have Uncle Max & Col – Col all to himself.

We went to a Peppa Pig birthday party to celebrate our favorite 2 year old cousin.

Hank and Eloise shrieked with delight when they reunited. They just love to be together.

Hank was certain Eloise would love a light saber for a birthday gift. Can’t you see the excitement in his stance as she opens it?

beautiful baby Juliet

We (rightfully) spent a full weekend celebrating Mothers Day.

On Saturday we went to Urban Farmer for brunch with my Mom.

On Sunday Papa J & Grandma came over to our house for a Mothers day BBQ. Our house feels like it doubles in size when the weather is warmer. It’s so much nicer eating al fresco.


May you’re an easy month to love! ❤





Hank is 30 months. He’s a confident, funny and happy little guy.

Some of his recent favorite things are: pretending to be a “Dada”. He and his baby ride around and “take the subway to Sixers games” together.

He loves taking public transportation because no seat-belts….

city kid

He likes going potty in “privacy”, a word he learned from preschool.  He brings in the step stool, shuts the bathroom door and goes about his business. He’s been fully potty trained for over a month and it’s glorious. We are venturing into getting a big boy bed this month against his wishes.

helper of the week award at preschool

Favorite foods are humus & pita, pizza, guacamole, feta cheese, meatballs, lollipops and all fruit.

He still loves fixing and building. Every morning we look out the window and check in on “Bob the Builder” who is working on building the Wawa across the street . It’s been pretty cool to watch the whole process with a kid who is so intrigued by diggers.

Hank has just started to enjoy scooting. He got a scooter for his 2nd birthday but didn’t take much interest to it until this month.

He scooters in Grandma & Papa J’s condo into the elevator. He’s very wary of that elevator crack .

A few Hank’ism’s of note:  He calls lady bugs “lady buddies”.

Whenever we’re in the middle of playing ( mainly light- saber dueling) he exclaims ” We having such FUN!!” It cracks me up.

Lastly, every time we get into the car Hank asks if he can drive. Only more 16 years until I can say “Sure!”.

I really love having a 2.5 year old . I think it’s my favorite age thus far in this whole crazy journey of parenthood.


Easter ’16

The weekend before Easter, Fitler Square hosted an Egg hunt. Hank seemed excited to join in the festivities this year.

The park was divided into age range so it was fair. Hank fell into the 18 months – 3-year-old  category. Since he towered over most of the kids  we had thought he would dominate the hunt.

Lanzone men walking to the egg hunt

Turns out he was much more timid than I had anticipated. He walked away with one egg.

counting the egg

In all fairness there were a lot of kids and a lot of parents giving direction. Hank seemed overwhelmed and not interested. Better luck next year buddy 🙂

Saturday morning of Easter weekend we drove out to Grammy’s house. These two were so happy to be reunited.

Hank counted down the days till Easter so he could see “Elo-ee”

It was 80 degrees, so we spent most of the weekend  outside in Grammy’s backyard. It was nice having Easter fall so late into Spring this year.

These cute guys spent Saturday golfing.

We discovered a mini putting green at a nearby park. Hank was obviously in heaven, like father like son.

Eloise was a good sport.

Eloise showing off her “scooter trick” 

idk. he didn’t want to wear his shoes. 

Easter morning we hid the kids baskets in the fireplace, which bought us 30 minutes to drink our coffee as they searched.

After making sure the entire living room was draped with grass we suited up in our Easter best and  went to church.

The Hatton’s stopped by to hunt some eggs and to meet baby Juliet.

It was a wonderful weekend reminding me of God’s amazing grace, Happy Easter!


Sanibel 17′

Last week  my Mom, Hank and I flew down to Sanibel, Florida for one glorious week of sunshine. This was the 3rd year we’ve vacationed down on the gulf durring her spring break. It has become a favorite tradition.

After Hank  power napped in the rental car we were ready to hit the beach.

looks like such a big boy these days

The sun never feels as good as it does after 3.5 long months of Winter.

We stayed at the same resort as last year. It’s a perfect fit for our (Hanks) needs.

We had a view of the beach and pool from the porch.

coffee & sunrise

Besides endless digging and swimming, the resort has basketball hoops, kayaks, bikes, big Jenga blocks, corn hole and crafts.


There weren’t enough hours in the day for Hank to complete his vacation agenda.

I have so much more energy when i’m on vacation. No work, no cooking, no stress…. Just sharing quality time with Hank . It really is the best.

Hank was thrilled to have so much Grammy time. He wanted to do whatever she did, even put a roller in his hair…. 

We went to delicious dinners every night. Our favorite spot was Doc Fords. We also went to Mucky Duck and Tesoro.


After each dinner we walked over to the beach to watch spectacular sunsets and find sea shells. It was my favorite part of each day.

Mucky Duck 

Since the dolphin cruise was such a hit last year we booked tickets again for this year. Grammy continued to spoil Hank and bought him a stuffed dolphin on the boat.  He was giddy with joy and imediatly named him “Flippy”.


We saw dozens of dolphins. Hank was a bit more wary of them this year. Every time a  dolphin surfaced and the entire boat cheered,  Hank would yell “No! I  love Flippy!”

During nap-time I got some pool reading time. This cartoon made me laugh…..

he REALLY enjoyed being forward facing for the first time….or maybe it was the lollipop? hey it’s vacation. 

Our last night Hank wanted to cook on the beach. He made some delicious sea shell soup.

It was  so sad to say goodbye to our vacation or as Hank called it our ” beach-home”.

It was even sadder to arrive at the airport to discover that we had a 3 hour delay.

We finally boarded our plane and were  pretty beat.

We got back home by 11:00p and were very excited to see Da-da but ready for bed. Thanks for the best getaway Grammy. We love our week among the palm trees together.