HFL @ 3

It’s hard for me to believe that Hank is well into being 3 years old. I know every year brings it’s joys and challenges. But the joy this 3 year old boy brings us is overwhelming.  I don’t want to forget today as tomorrow he’ll inevitably be a bit more grown up.




Here is a random list of facts about Hank at 3 years 3 months old.

  • He speaks a Star Wars language. If you are unfamiliar with the SW’s characters or galaxy lingo you likely won’t understand  30% of what he says.
  • He loves maps and has an uncanny ability to provide directions throughout the city. From his stroller he has directed people from our house to his preschool which is a little over a mile. When we’re driving in the city he often makes a pretty accurate  estimate about what street/ neighborhood we are in.


  • He loves the story of David and Goliath. One night before bed he told me that he thinks God will have him take down Goliath one day too.
  • In  bursts of random joy in very ordinary moments he’ll exclaim  “Isn’t this super fun?!” My favorite was when he said this to a cashier at Trader Joe’s who was checking us out.
  • He calls Tim’s Dad “Pops” which is funny because everyone calls him Papa J.
  • His favorite toys are his magnet blocks. He will be entertained for at least 40 mins playing by himself. Love that.
  • His favorite show is still  Seasame Street. He particularly likes their clever parodies, Handy Manny &  Star Wars Legos, are also favorites.
  • His favorite books are Toot & Puddle, Corduroy, and the Day the Crayons Quit.
  • He wants to be an architect or a “sky scraper builder” when he grows up.


A few quotes 

  • You know what we haven’t done in a while? Have Ice cream!” 
  • Whenever we put him in time-out he says ” This hurts my feelings and you’re not being kind”.
  • Tim walked into the family room where Hank was playing to show him that he had buttoned his shirt incorrectly and Hank responded “Dada no one wants to see that belly button put that thing away!”
  • ” Now that I’m three I’ll like the trampoline park, I was only 2 before. I’m ready now.”
  • “I can’t put away my toys right now it’s too hard and i’m too tired”
  • When asked to do something he doesn’t want to do  ” How about I do it on Tuesday?” 
  • When he gets into the tub he says ” Warmy and  Cozy!”
  • I’m heading back to work after being home with him for three weeks “Momma i’m gonna miss you when we go back to our routines but we have to go to our jobs, we just have too.”

I’ll sure miss you too bud, but you’re right we gotta do what we gotta do. ❤



Countdown to Christmas

Our weeks leading up to Christmas were pretty magical.


The reason mainly being is that I put my two weeks in the first week of  December and took three weeks off between jobs. Merry Christmas to me! We pulled Hank out of preschool and have been so cozy and free from routine.

Grandma, Papa J, Tim and I attended Hank’s preschool Christmas pageant. I was very curious to see how Hank would handle the spot light since he hates being the center of attention. Overall he did well. He sorta sang along and did 30% of the hand motions  while looking for Tim and I in the audience. We gave him a solid C+.

Some other Philly traditions we enjoyed were the Rittenhouse tree lighting, the Comcast Christmas show and the Christmas Market shops.

We had an ice skating date with the Logan clan one Saturday.

It was Hanks first time ice skating and it was exhausting ( for us).

Especially when he wet noodled on us. What a great work out… Tim and I were sore for days.


We had a great time with the Logan’s. Tim parents were kind enough to watch the kids while the Tim, Dave, Brooke and I went out for dinner and drinks.


Connor 6, Hank 3

My first week off Hank and I drove up to Lake Naomi with Grammy. We baked cookies, Christmas shopped at the outlets, swam at the indoor pool, and had a delicious dinner at the club house.


Frozen Lake Naomi  12/20/17

The Hatton’s have a membership to the Morris Arboretum and took us to see the Christmas trains. 


We went to the Please Touch Museum a few times.

Before Tim’s parents flew back to California for the winter their very sweet door lady, Ellie gave Hank a gift ( a play jig saw). These two race to the elevator on the days that Grandma watches Hank. She’s pretty adorable.


We’ve stayed in our jammies, done art projects in front of the fire, and just enjoyed spending our full days together. What a blessing it is to have this season to recharge and relax.




How lovely are your branches?

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we embarked on our 7th year of cutting down our tree  with the Casey’s. Hank brought his saw to help Dada with the heavy lifting.


We got some hot chocolate and hopped on our “hay truck” as Hank called the tractor.


Hank calls Annie “Baby Annie” and Annie calls Hank “Ank”. I hope these names stick into their teens.


It was the first year we went in the evening and we got to enjoy a spectacular sunset.


We wrapped the trip with some marshmallows over an open fire and dinner in downtown Media. My favorite way to kickoff the Christmas season!


Thanksgiving 2017

Taking off the week of Thanksgiving has easily become my favorite vacation of the year.  I have two full weekends to relax and 5 days of family festivities. It’s the perfect balance.

The weekend before Thanksgiving we went up to Lake Naomi to celebrate my Mom’s birthday. We’ve started to discover our favorite spots in the Poconos and took her to a cute brunch in Stroudsburg.

On Monday Hank and I  went to the Please Touch Museum with the Hattons.

Tuesday morning my Mom and I drove up to Long Island to kick off Thanksgiving.

The cousins completely entertained one another for the full trip. Lots of adventures to the park, cruising around in the power wheel and a trip to the most magical super market Stew Leonards. 


Enter a caption


Eloise: “Hank i’m not asking you, i’m telling you to put on your hat”….

The adults enjoyed themselves watching football outdoors and playing a really fun game called CODENAMES. 

We squeezed in a Christmas card photo session with Aunt Jos.



We tried convincing my cousin Jamie that she needs a Golden-doodle.


Hank 3, Zach 6, Matty 3, Eloise 2, Juliet 11 months, Mackenzie 8 months ❤

So much to be thankful for with this crew. I wish I could bottle up these fleeting moments.



Halloween 17′

It was last Halloween that Hank had determined that he would be a Storm Trooper for this Halloween. I hoped assumed that he would change his mind dozens of times before making the final decision. Nope,  he never wavered once.


I took the day off  to volunteer for Hank’s preschool Fall Festival. Hank’s friend Daniel was dressed as a character from “Cars”. He kept asking Hank to take off his mask.

After the festival we had a fun day popping around the city.  Hank loved being anonymous and was very social while behind his mask. He even charmed the produce guy at the farmers market to score us two free apples.

Trick or Treating was extra fun with all of the Grandparents in town.


Hank had a blast. He made sure his gratitude was known by screaming “THANK YOU!” after taking each piece of candy.


It was a great day. I feel certain Hank will want to be be a Storm Trooper again next year……



3 Years Old!

We had a wonderful 3rd birthday Star Wars celebration!

Family and friends gathered for some Jedi training in Fitler Square.  The unseasonably warm weather was perfect for light saber battles, egg racing, and piñata smashing.



We had pizza and chicken fingers delivered to the park for ultimate convenience.


Hank doesn’t love being the center of attention, so I was interested to see how he would handle being the “birthday boy”. He did well with the exception of asking the party guests to “stop singing so loud” during the chorus of “happy birthday to you”.

Hank got spoiled with so many fun gifts. A few favorites were an AT-AT walker, a set of magnet blocks, a robot, Handy Many tools, and a paint-a-car kit. As we cleaned up the party Hank hugged my legs and asked if we could have the party all over again. Sure bud, next year!


We had a big cousin sleep over after the party. Everyone from Long Island stayed at our house and  the O’Keefe’s stayed at Tim’s uncles condo in Center City. It was great to be able to all hang out for the night and be cozy in the morning.


Mackenzie _7months old


Moo giving me a blow out

Sunday was Hanks actual birthday. We had a special birthday visit from Kar- Kar, Hanks beloved Nanny from when he was a baby. I love that they still have a special bond. IMG_0054

We wrapped up the weekend with a birthday dinner at Morgan’s pier.

Henry Franklin we couldn’t love you more. You wake up every morning with a sparkle in your eye. You’re inquisitive, charming, independent and full of joy.  Happy 3rd Birthday my sweetest boy. ❤


Lake Naobi

In September my Mom bought a house up at Lake Naomi! ( Or as Hank calls it “Lake Nay-Obi”)  Our family has been vacationing at the lake for the past few summers and we all just love it.

After 2 years of searching, the right house finally came on the market. The house met all of the  criteria and as a bonus has this sweet quote stenciled on the porch:

As the marsh hen secretly builds on the watery sod, Behold I will build my nest on the greatness of God”.

We’re excited to experience the lake community in the winter months. Skiing, sledding and the indoor pool complex will make for fun winter weekends. Also, the lake is man-made so the water levels can be lowered for ice skating and hockey.

My moms maiden name is “Hozdara”, so to honor my grandparents (who were truly the most hospitable people) the house’s name will be  “The Hozpitality”.

FullSizeRender 136

We went up for a weekend to help set up the  house and explore.

The weather was beautiful so we were able to sneak in a fall beach day.

So many memories yet to be made at “The Hozpitality” ❤